Charles Bennett, Attorney at Law, LLC
Important! This office is temporarily closed due to medical disability! Click for details!

Post Office Box 606, Rolla, MO 65402-0606

Phone: 573-308-3017; Fax: 888-829-6003


Office Hours By Appointment

Important! This office is temporarily closed due to medical disability! Click for details!

Chuck Bennett is an experienced lawyer in Rolla,
Missouri, helping clients primarily in matters of:

  • Family Law
    • adoption, guardianship
    • divorce/dissolution, modification
    • paternity, custody, support
  • Civil Litigation
    • civil trial practice
    • alternative dispute resolution
    • appellate practice
  • Consumer Protection
    • consumer fraud & misrepresentation
    • unfair merchandising practices
  • Guardian ad Litem advocacy for children
  • Routine Legal Documents
  • Traffic Tickets

Charles Bennett, Attorney at Law, LLC is a full-service law firm. Contact Chuck Bennett for a free consultation, and if your legal needs or problems fall outside his areas of expertise, he will do his best to refer you to another attorney who can handle the matter for you.

Attorney Profile: Attorney Chuck Bennett was raised in Rolla, Missouri; graduated from Rolla High School in 1981; graduated from the University of Missouri in 1985 & 1986; graduated from SMU School of Law in 1989; began law practice in Texas in 1989, Missouri in 1991. Click here for more biographical information and certifications.

Disability: This office has been closed due to medical disability of the attorney, barrister, writer/researcher, and sole proprietor since 2013. This manifested first as the neurological condition known as Trigeminal Neuralgia, soon enhanced by anticonvulsant medications(Tegretol, Gabapentin, and Lyrica) that gave me trouble walking, talking, thinking, and remembering. Why take them, you may ask? As bad as they were, they were better than the pain. But they gradually lost effect, leading to brain surgery in January 2015, leading to Meningitis one week later, whose symptoms I am still dealing with today: pain, nausea, cognitive problems, pressure on my optic nerve.

Free Consultation: This law firm is happy to provide a free consultation by phone, email, or at the firm's office. This free consultation lets the potential client decide whether he/she wants to hire this firm as his/her attorney, and lets the attorney decide whether the matter is one that he wants to handle. If both parties wish to proceed, a written Representation Agreement will set forth the terms and fees. Click here for more information about what is covered in a free consultation. Office hours are by appointment; if you don't make an appointment, the office may be closed when you drop by. Evening and weekend appointments are available.

Email Contact: This law firm is happy to communicate with clients and potential clients by email, so long as you understand the risks involved and give your informed consent. You should be aware that email is not necessarily secure communication, that your emails may be read by anyone along the path of transmission, and that your emails may be read by anyone with access to the computer or network you are using. If you send an email, it will be assumed that you understand these risks and that you consent to receive replies by email. Click here for further details on this firm's email communications policy.

Office Location: This law firm's office is at 401 North Rolla Street in Rolla, Missouri, near the Phelps County Courthouse. This firm serves clients primarily in the surrounding counties: Phelps County, Texas County, Pulaski County, Maries County, Crawford County, and Dent County. Attorney Chuck Bennett has represented clients in Rolla, Newburg, St. James, Licking, Houston, Waynesville, St. Robert, Crocker, Richland, Vienna, Vichy, Cuba, Steelville, Salem, and many other communities in central Missouri. Click here for a map and directions on how to reach the office.

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